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    I am unable to record on/off signals.
    I can put the RFToy 3.0 into recording mode, press the on (or off) button on my RF remote, but RFToy does not detect the signal and just times out and returns to the station screen. I have made sure the receiver module is correctly inserted and the pins line up (GND to GND).
    This is the model of my RF remote. The working frequency is 433.92MHz

    Can you suggest any troubleshooting steps before I purchase another RF remote to try?

    Thank you.

    edit: It decodes a garage remote I have which operates in the 433MHz range. Sadly, still does not work with the RF remote. Any hints welcomed.

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    could be that your garage remote is using
    * floating codes (in that case you’re out of luck)
    * different protocol then the RCswitch’es default protocol 1 – you could try different protocol by editing sources (which sadly i am unable to find)



    At Ray’s advice, I tried raw sampling and was able to record, but the playback did not trigger the remote. This was intended to control an external pump for the OpenSprinkler. All too much trouble so I have used a relay instead. As long as I have a workaround, I’m happy.



    Most likely it’s because your remotes are using a protocol that’s not supported. The best case is if it’s a protocol that RCSwitch library supports (RFToy assumes it’s protocol 1 but RCSwitch library supports two other types). This is fairly easy to get supported since it just requires changing the RFToy firmware code slightly. But if it’s not any of the existing documented protocol then we will have to look at the raw sampling signal to check what’s the encoding pattern.

    Garage remotes generally don’t work because they use rolling code (one-time code) for security reasons.






    Hi Ray,

    I’ve got a similar issue in that I can sniff the raw codes for my blind motors fine, but can’t record them in the UI.

    Is there a way to just send the raw JSON the record function generates to the device to replay via the web interface and have the RF toy play it back, or some other better way to set it up so I can send the code? My plan was to use RF Toy to send the code. I had imagined this would have functionality similar to the OpenSprinkler API and be something I could (relativley) easily integrate into home assistant in that same way.

    I had originally intended to use a Sonoff RF bridge and Tasmota to do this, but my devices are 315Mhz and not 433 and was trying to avoid writing my own Arduino sketch to do this.



    I’m having a similar problem. I can record a raw sample, and play it back, and the light turns on and off fine. If I try to record the signal using the “record on signal” and “record off” buttons on the main interface, I get nothing. Any suggestions?

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