OpenSprinkler v1.0 Known Issues Documented on the F.A.Q. Page

Thanks for everyone who ordered the initial batch of the OpenSprinkler controller. A couple of issues have been reported and documented on the F.A.Q. page. If you are learning to use the controller, be sure to check that page.

The most recent bug turned out to be caused by the Arduino’s shiftOut function (thanks Matt for discovering the problem initially). This bug has now been reported to the Arduino forum. The symptom is that whenever you open the sprinkler zones, station #8 always turns on, and will remain on even if you stop the controller’s operation. This is caused by the shiftOut function missing a rising edge for the shift register. You can simply re-program the microcontroller to fix this bug. Orders sent on or after Oct 23, 2011 have already included this bug fix.