OpenSprinkler Orders Delayed

There has been an unexpected delay in the enclosure processing: the order was supposed to arrive by Monday this week but is now pushed back to Friday next week. As a result, all orders that include an OpenSprinkler enclosure will be delayed. I am really sorry about the delay. It is unfortunate and unexpected. The way we currently order enclosures is through Electronic Precepts ( they order in bulk from Serpac and machine custom cutouts for us. While on vacation last week, I sent an inquiry email and learned that there will be a delay due to machine down time. Initially I was told it would come today, but the latest status is that it’s more likely to come Friday next week. I know the folks who have ordered OpenSprinkler / OpenSprinkler Pi have been waiting eagerly for their orders to arrive. Sorry about that! I wish I had control over the enclosure processing. Meanwhile if you want to cancel the order, or want to receive the board first and enclosure later in a separate package, feel free to let me know. Thanks for understanding!