Custom OpenSprinkler Enclosure using Injection Modeling

As mentioned in a previous post, I have been working with SeeedStudios to design a custom OpenSprinkler enclosure. Thus far I have been using an off-the-shelf Serpac WM-032C clear plastic enclosure, and I have Electronic Precepts to machine the cutouts. It was a good start and really easy to design, but the cost can quickly add up as I order more from them. Over time, it’s make more and more sense to design a custom enclosure using injection molding, in order to reduce the per unit cost.

The initial design has been finalized and a 3D printed prototype is on its way to me. I am very excited because this will be the first injection-molded OpenSprinkler enclosure! It’s a pretty heavy one-time cost (the mold costs about $5,000 to make), but it’s fun and I think it’s worth the investment. I am supposed to receive the prototype today, but a snow prevented DHL from delivering today. So I have to look forward to Monday. But below I attached some pictures Seeed sent me. They are enough to enjoy for a while 🙂 More pictures will come after I receive it on Monday.

opensprinkler 1opensprinkler 2

opensprinkler 3opensprinkler 4