OpenSprinkler Pi Back in Stock

OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi) v1.0 is back in stock and available for shipping now. The kit includes one assembled and tested OSPi board, separation pillars, terminal blocks, 8-pin and 3-pin connection cables, and optional enclosure. You need to provide your own Raspberry Pi, and 24VAC sprinkler transformer. The board controls 8 zones, and can connect to standard OpenSprinkler zone expansion board to enable additional zones. Grab it now before it goes out of stock again!


I would really like to give a big thumb-up to This is the first time I ordered PCBs from them (I got the link from, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The order was placed on Feb 26 right after the initial batch of OSPi sold out. I selected DHL shipping (about $30) since I need it to be quick. On Feb 28 I decided to place a smaller order for the new zone expansion board prototype PCB, and I selected economy air shipping (about $4) since I don’t care how fast it comes. Then on March 5, exactly one week after placing first order, I noticed it got shipped out. I happily received the package on March 7. This is a total turn around time (from ordering to delivery) of only 9 days! What’s more surprising is that when I opened the package, I found my second order is also included. They must have figured out that since both orders are going to the same address, and both were ready upon shipping of the first order, why not put them together and use the fastest shipping. Clever! I am really impressed by their processing speed and the super-fast shipping time. Also, the PCB quality is very good, and their price is even cheaper than SeeedStudios. Highly recommended, and will definitely order from them again!