Preparing for Bay Area Maker Faire 2013

Contrary to what I mentioned in a previous post, I have made the very last-minute decision to attend the Bay Area Maker Faire 2013. I will be flying out of Massachusetts early tomorrow morning, and get to the Maker Faire ground in the afternoon to do initial setup. Aaron Newcomb has kindly volunteered to help me at the booth. If you are planning to come to the Maker Faire, be sure to drop by our booth (exhibit 3375, Expo Hall with commercial makers), and watch our demos.

We will be showing most products I’ve developed so far: OpenSprinkler (including DIY 1.42u, the new assembled OpenSprinkler 2.0, and new injection molded enclosure), OpenSprinkler Pi, SquareWear (with lots of pictures of wearable electronics workshops I’ve hosted int he past, and SquareWear demos), AASaver (including the upcoming AASaver 2.0 I just blogged about earlier tonight). So it will be quite a show!

It has been fun to prepare the demos, and a lot of work too. Below are my sketches for two of the OpenSprinkler demos:

and some real gears to go with the two demos:


In terms of promotional materials, new this year I have made a banner and some business cards to be distributed at the table:

These were made in the last minute, so they are not as professionally looking as I wanted, but the essential information is there 🙂 Also, I will have lots of colorful info pages and pictures at the table.

Time to go to sleep and prepare for the trip tomorrow. Hope to see you at the Maker Faire OpenSprinkler booth!